Test Strategy Consulting Services

There's No Substitute For Experience, Knowledge, And Technical Strength!
Anagon provides manufacturing test strategy consulting. Our test strategists have been in the Automatic Test Equipment business for over 30 years. Anagon test solutions have been successfully deployed on over twenty different manufacturing floors. This breadth and depth of experience, combined with deep technical skill, makes Anagon a top consultant for high technology, electronics manufacturing test.

Clients with challenging test requirements depend on us to help design an appropriate test strategy for their unique situation. These consulting services have high leverage. A good manufacturing test strategy can:

  • Reduce new product development time to market
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce time to volume
  • Reduce cost of goods sold
  • Reduce inventory
  • Reduce service costs

Is Your Test Floor Design Based On Business AND Technical Analyses?
What process flows are best for your products? How many separate steps should be created? Should all part numbers be tested the same way? How much test is required? Should there be a repair loop? How much capital equipment is needed? How many test stations at each step are required to meet shipment goals? How much money is required and how long would it take to double production?

The above questions only begin to explore the depths of a well designed manufacturing test strategy. Business factors such as shipment plans and anticipated volume may help provide answers. On the other hand, much may depend on technical considerations. How are the product electronics partitioned? How thoroughly has the design been verified? How much built in test is employed? How expensive is the instrumentation? How much on board programming is required in manufacturing?

Consult With Anagon And Get The Right Test Strategy BEFORE You Start!
Given the large amount of money you spend on each manufacturing program, it makes good sense to get an expert opinion on your test strategy assumptions up front, before you commit your resources. Hire us for an initial consultation. You'll be glad you did! We provide the following manufacturing test strategy services:
  • Product Architecture Testability Assessment
  • Test Specification Generation / Collaboration
  • Test Floor / Process Flow Design
  • New Product Ramp To Volume Analyses
  • Capacity Planning
  • Project Definition, Scheduling, and Management
  • Test Advocacy Helping You Deal With Your Contract Manufacturer(s)
  • Program Risk Assessment For New Product Development